Police Unions are root cause of chronic rights violations in USA

Science, nature and behavioral psychology all come together when trying to understand why police in the United States have evolved to the present level of rights violations. All the police behaviors being observed are textbook examples taught in school when checks and balances are removed. There is no dispute about this between professionals in the mental health field, and any contradictory views would just be seen as trolling.

Depending on how you view unions they can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Companies that abused their employees enough that the employees became motivated to organize a union is actually predictable defensive human behavior. Depending on how you process the world, this can also be seen as Karma. Simply a union keeps an abusive employer in check as there is equal balance established between unions and employers.

Keeping in mind that it was this imbalance that caused the union to be formed, should that imbalance be reestablished the problems will reoccur with the dominant side becoming the abuser be it the union or employer. This is also well established human behavior that psychologists understand and the behavior would only stop when the next dominant check was encountered.

A good practical example of a check was in China when they started filling the Three Gorges dam. When the water behind the dam started to rise and flood fields, there was a plague of mice that descended on local communities near the forming lake. The plague lasted for a short time then suddenly stopped. Natures check that was encountered was there being not enough food to support that huge population and the weakest mice died as explained in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

When it comes to police unions and in particular the “Fraternal Order of Police”, they have become dominant over local governments. They have progressively and shamelessly used police tactics to advance their agenda. They have managed to get legislation into law giving police more rights than the people they are meant to protect and serve.

That legislation is all designed to remove police checks and balances making it nearly impossible to discipline much less convict a bad cop. If a bad cop gets fired, the police union simply gets their job back thus removing any incentive to change their unacceptable behavior. Changing laws is just one thing they have done, as there are many other things too numerous to list for any one article, however politicians in the police union’s pocket should not be overlooked as they are the catalyst advancing the police union’s agenda.

So seeing the behavior checks have been removed, bad police simply have become bolder in their abuse. Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. An observation that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases. The statement was made by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. That observation is timeless and does apply to the police today.

The boldness of the Fraternal Order of Police has become so overt, they have actually created a banner that was marketed to the public as the thin blue line flag. The fact is, that is actually the banner of the police state. Google’s image search AI has seen past all of that deceptive marketing and displays a page full of them when you enter ‘police state flag’ as a search parameter. When you consider that as fact, the agenda of the police union becomes very clear and explains the trend of increasing rights violations.

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